The Maine Celtic Celebration is a family oriented weekend celebrating the rich Celtic heritage, culture and hospitality found along the Coast of Maine.

The cost of admission is a $10 suggested donation to be paid upon entry to the park.  All ages are welcome!

Board of Directors

President:  Claudia Luchetti
Vice President: Patty Ryan
Secretary: Maggie Campbell
Treasurer: Steve Ryan

Dawn Caswell
Christine Murphy
Patty Ryan
Steve Bowler
Karen Mehorter
Al Baker
Norm Poirier
Ryan Moore
Nick McCrea
JR Thornton

Vendor Coordinator: Dawn Caswell
Grounds Coordinator: Nick McCrea & Norm Poirier
Entertainment Coordinators: Al Baker, Christine Murphy & Steve Bowler
Poster and T-Shirt Coordinators: Dawn Caswell & Nancy Falvey-Wry
Fundraising Coordinators: Ryan Moore & Maggie Campbell
Volunteer Coordinator: Christine Murphy
Retail Store Manager: Patty Ryan
Children’s Area Coordinator: Maggie Campbell
Public Relations: Claudia Luchetti, Nick McCrea, Karen Mehorter & Steve Bowler
Accommodations Manager: Patty Ryan
Heavy Games Coordinators: Steve Ryan, Sam Denson
Artisan Village (SCA) – Kristina Landers
Celtic Breeds Dog Show Coordinator: Steve Ryan
Sheepdog Herding Demonstration: Steve Bowler
Website Managers: Michael Simone & Steve Bowler