Maine Celtic Celebration

Maine Celtic Celebration

Maine Celtic Celebration

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Lila Nation

Lila began her musical career at the tender age of three singing in the “angel” choir at her church in San Antonio.  At eight years old, she convinced her mother to let her take piano lessons and sang her first vocal solo in the 6th grade.  Lila became a very serious piano student, as well as taking up voice as her secondary instrument. She won a full piano scholarship at twenty-one. During her last semester at Junior College, she took her first French course and fell madly in love with the language. Consequently, she never pursued her piano scholarship, instead of majoring in French, attending UMO, and completing her Master’s degree. She started teaching French (as well as Latin and Spanish) at Belfast Area High School where she eventually became the Foreign Language Department Coordinator until she retired from public school teaching eleven years ago. Throughout her years at BAHS, Lila sang the alto solos in the “Messiah” with the PenBay Singers, and prior to each winter holiday at the high school, she formed a Foreign Language chorus with her students, singing in French, Latin, and Spanish.

Seventeen years ago, Lila became the Music Director at a local church, where she also acted as the part-time piano accompanist and full-time choir director.  On occasion, she arranged music and sang in small vocal ensembles; on many occasions, congregants said they came to church primarily to hear the choir music. She now teaches French at the Belfast “Senior College, but has also taught “Gospel Sing and Shout,” and “French Songs in Translation”, and, of course, makes her French classes learn “La Marseillaise, “ as well as several other well-known French songs.

Along with piano and voice, Lila is also a cellist, studying for nineteen years with Noreen Silver, the principal cellist with the Bangor Symphony Orchestra. She occasionally also gives private lessons in music theory and voice.

Note: Three years ago she took up Italian with Robert Johnson, so all those words in arias make sense now!