Highland Games

"Yu've dropped yer rock."

Can you imagine being in the English army, seeing a bunch of extremely large folks with no underwear (despite the cold and rain), charging you, screaming obscenities, and brandishing a utility pole? We hope our event isn't quite as blood curdling a sight. No utility workers were harmed in the procuring of the cabers.  

The "New" World 
Cheese Rolling  Championships

AKA, I've fallen (again) and I keep getting up. 
cheese roll teeshirts

Every year at Cooper's Hill, Gloucestershire (pr. Gloss-sta-sher), England, hardy souls pursue a wheel of even more hardy Double Gloucester cheese down a 200 yard slope with an average 45 degree angle. The cheese is reputed to have clocked 70 miles an hour during it's decent, and the participants attempt to defy the laws of physics as they attempt to catch it, often with spectacular results. Here's a link to a National Geographic video about it. 

Well, our cheese roll may not take place on a 1:2 gradient, but it has just as many attempts at thwarting gravity, and is just as competitive. Check out some of the photos for a look at passed champions. 

And, whether you're a participant or a spectator, you'll want to don one of our custom-designed Cheese Roll tee-shirts to get into the spirit. You'll find them at the MCC shop for $25.

Many thanks to Pineland Farms Dairy Company for sponsorship of this event.

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